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Erotic figurine of a nude elf female, kneeling on the grass.

Erotic figurine of a nude elf female, kneeling on the grass. Name of a miniature: Nude elf female, kneeling on the grass.
Scale:54 mm. (1:32)
The figurine of cast resin
The figurine is painted by hand with oil
Sculpt and paint by Vyrin
Price: $269.99
Shipping: $10
No returns accepted

Who are the elves?
In various fantasy literature, movies, fairy tales, myths and legends of various nations, it is often referred to as elves, as a certain magical people.
Typically, elves are described as tall, beautiful creatures that never grow old. Elves have long, light-colored hair.
Elves speak their Elvish language, have a nice voice, elves have magical abilities. Also elves are excellent artisans and armourers. Their weapons and armor are among the best.
Elves are mentioned in Germanic, Celtic, English, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian folklore.
In the literature elves are found in Andrzej Sapkowski, John R.R. Tolkien, Lord Dunseny, Rudyard Kipling, William Shakespeare, and, the ratio of elves to people can vary from friendly to neutral, and even hostile.
If, for example, in John R. R. Tolkien, elves treat people friendly, help people and fight with people shoulder to shoulder, whereas the elves described by Andrzej Sapkowski are unfriendly to people.

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