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Erotic figurine of a naked woman, kneeling on the sand

Erotic figurine of a naked woman, kneeling on the sand. Name of a miniature: Naked woman, kneeling on the sand.
Scale:54 mm. (1:32)
The figurine of cast resin
The figurine is painted by hand with oil
Sculpt and paint by Vyrin
Price: $269.99
Shipping: $10
No returns accepted

What is the age of the oldest figure of a naked woman made by human hands?
In this regard, there are serious disputes among archaeologists.
One of the most ancient figures is the figure of a naked woman, known as Venus from Tan Tan.
This figurine was found by archaeologists in 1999. Its age is estimated as 300 - 500 thousand years.
The figure of the naked woman found is 58 mm in height, which almost exactly corresponds to the modern scale of 54 mm (1:32). Let me remind you that the scale of modern figurines in millimeters is calculated from the base of the sole to the level of the eye of the figure.
The material from which this figure of a naked woman is called quartzite.
The views of archaeologists about the origin of this figure of a naked woman are divided.
Some say that its forms are generalized, and most likely, it appeared as a result of the impact of natural forces.
Others object, saying that the nude figure has traces of ocher coating, and this indicates its man-made origin.

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