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Erotic figurine of a woman knight.

Erotic figurine of a woman knight Name of a miniature: Lady knight: Obedience
Scale:54 mm. (1:32)
The figurine of cast resin
The figurine is painted by hand with oil
Sculpt and paint by Vyrin
Price: $199.99
Shipping: $10
No returns accepted

Were the women knights in fact, or is it the fruit of the imagination of authors of various fantasy books?
To understand this issue, it is necessary to turn to history.
In 1149 the town of Tortosa was attacked by the Saracens.In the city there were for the most part women, since the men at that time were Occupied by the siege of another city - Lerida.
Having dressed in man's armor, the women went to battle with Regular troops of the enemy and won. In gratitude for his valor, Count Raymund organized for the female combat knightly order, which he called the Order of the Battle Ax.
Other knightly orders, where women were taken.
The Teutonic Order
Order of the Dragon
The Order of St. Antonia
Order of the Garter
The Order of the Glorious Saint Mary
The Ladies Knights of Malta
Thus it follows that in the Middle Ages there really was a class of knight women who Took a real part in the fighting with weapons in their hands.

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