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Erotic figurine of a naked woman on the sand

Naked woman on the sand Name of a miniature: Tease
Scale:54 mm. (1:32)
The figurine of cast resin
The figurine is painted by hand with oil
Sculpt and paint by Vyrin
Price: $199.99
Shipping: $10
No returns accepted

Oil painting has been known for many hundreds of years.
In the European art oil painting began to be used since the XV century, but there is an opinion that oil painting was used five thousand years ago.
Oil painting was common in the territory of Western Afghanistan in the 7th century AD.
In the Middle Ages oil paints were painted with shields. It was believed that this makes the shields stronger.
Paintings written in oil, with proper storage, are preserved for several hundred years.
Figures painted with oil are also capable of preserving the paint layer for many years. There is an opinion that the figure, covered with oil painting, is able to keep the paint layer up to several hundred years.
If the figure painted with oil is covered with dust, then the dust can be brushed off with a soft, squirrel brush of a large size, without fear of damaging the paint layer.
At the same time, painting with oil is a very laborious and long process.

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