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Viking strike

Who are the Vikings?
By the vikings in the VII - XI centuries AD were called Scandinavian seafarers, who made sea trips with the purpose of robberies of coastal territories and also with the search for new lands for resettlement.
Also Vikings are known by the names of Axamanns, Normans, Danes, Finngalls, Dubgalles, Varangs, Varangians, Madhus.
Viking ships were called Drakkars, which in translation from Old Norse meant a ship-dragon. The Drakkars had an average size of 10 to 18.5 meters in length (in some sources, a length of up to 40 meters is reported) and could hold up to 150 soldiers.
Weapons of the Vikings were generally spears, axes, bows, and swords. Out of protective equipment, they had leather jackets, with iron plates sewn on them, chain mails, leather bracers with sewn metal plates, helmets that could be metal or leather and shields.
Shields of the Vikings were made of wood and often painted them in red, applying different patterns on them.

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