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Fragrance of a rose

This figurine of a scale of 54 mm I called the Fragrance of a rose.
This figure represents a woman of the gladiator. Probably, the battle ended with her victory, and she picked up one of those flowers that the audience admired by her skill threw at the arena.
It is generally accepted that the gladiatorial fights were first organized in Rome in 264 BC.
The Romans loved to watch gladiatorial fights with the participation of women of the gladiators.
As a rule, women gladiators did not wear helmets, so as not to hide their hairstyles.
Unlike male gladiators, female gladiators were free.
As a rule, they were wealthy women who thus demonstrated themselves and their skills in the arena and who liked to fight.
One of the main archaeological evidence confirming the existence of female glatiators was found in Turkey. This is a marble slab on which two gladiator women are depicted.

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